Review: Haakaa Flow Cup

Everyone gets embarrassed about periods.

Don’t they?

I do.

I’m a 33-year-old working Mum and I still get a little bit squeamish when someone mentions the P word.

I don’t think everyone is like me, though. I remember when I was about 13 or 14. And I made a new friend at school. She won’t mind me using her name, cause I told this same story as Maid of Honour at her wedding. She invited me over to her house one day so that we could take “before and after” pictures of ourselves and pretend to be makeover guests on The Ricky Lake Show. Camille and I are sitting there, doing our hair and making ourselves look glam, and she says to me

“Do you use T’s or P’s”.

I didn’t understand what she meant for ages. And then, a menstrual moment light bulb went off and I felt my face flush.

Was she really trying to talk to me about periods???

I also remember back to when I had to start buying them for myself. I used to hide my tampons in the very bottom of my shopping basket, suss out the safest looking check out operator and look away as she scanned through my items. She’d be all casual, you know, like tampons weren’t a big deal and (in the days before being able to bury yourself in a cell phone) I’d consider somehow pretending that they weren’t mine. Like when you’re at a chip shop and you pretend you’re ordering for a husband as well – but it’s 100% all for you.

I’m not too sure why everyone finds periods so embarrassing, cause there are literally billions of people who get them.

However, I want to talk to you about the Haakaa Flow Cup.

Previous to being sent one by Haakaa, I was a bit curious about how they all worked, but they seemed a little bit too confronting to investigate. When Haakaa asked me if I wanted to review one- my initial thought was that it was a bit awkward for a teacher to talk about periods- but after thinking about it I realised that I had been offered a really privileged task of letting my students know that there is a safe, eco friendly way to manage their periods each month.

I also LOVE the idea behind the Haakaa Flow Cup. As a teacher, who has taught in low decile schools for years, I know that some girls find it incredibly hard to afford to buy sanitary products every month. So they simply don’t come to school. We’ve already talked about how embarrassing periods can be- so imagine adding, on top of that, the knowledge that you can’t even afford the products needed to make it manageable to come to school. So girls don’t. Haakaa have pledged that for every cup sold they will donate a cup to a school girl in need so that they can continue coming to school while they have their period. I think that this is incredible. How could I not get behind such an incredible social movement.

I have found the Haakaa Flow cup incredibly easy to use. I love that it can stay in for up to 12 hours and that it can be emptied via the wee valve at the bottom. I found it easier to learn how it all worked and get comfortable with it- by using it at home the first couple of times until I was confident about going out. A friend of mine (not Camille) recommended emptying it as you showered the first few times just so I could get the hang of how it all worked. Because of the valve, you can’t shorten the stem- so if you’re like another friend of mine and you (claim to) have a short fanjita, check out Haakaa’s other flow cup here.

It’s also great that it comes with its own carry case and cloth bag. So travelling with it is discreet and practical. I found the instructions incredibly easy to follow, and a lot of information online. I  also love that it’s a long-term, practical solution to managing a regular menstrual period without the need for hundreds of thousands of disposable products clogging up landfills and waterways. Evidence suggests that tampons and sanitary pads contain chemicals and bleaches that can be absorbed up into the body. Haakaa flow cups are medical grade silicone a material designed to safely stay in the body for years upon years. Therefore I feel confident that the Flow Cup will not leach chemicals for the few short days every month that it is used.

I’m really pleased to be switching to a more eco-friendly long-term period plan. I’m so grateful to Haakaa for giving me the gentle push I needed to step outside of my comfort zone.

A x

You can find more information about the Haakaa Flow cup here

I also found this article really informative as well

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