Review: Haakaa Silicone Squeeze Bottle

I am really passionate about setting Zahara up for success when it comes to healthy food choices- and I think that anything that supports this, makes life easier and helps with feeding little tummies is well worth the investment.

I was stoked when Haakaa recently asked me to review some of their new products. Their Silicone Squeeze Bottle has been an absolute game changer and we now use it all  the time .



I love that I can blend up lots of milk, fruit, vegies and yoghurt to create fresh and nutricious smoothies. Zahara can sip them while she watches some treat weekend TV, while we are out and about in the car or playing at the park. Now, if I was more organised on a weekday morning, and I didn’t always run 11 minutes late- they would be an awesome wee breakfast solution for the pre-school drop off as well.



This is what else I love about it. 

  1.  It is spill-proof with a free-flowing spout. I don’t know how many outfits have been massacred on car journeys or while I am trying to get some breakfast into Zahara. I love that she can happily drink her smoothies on her own pace- without completely destroying the clothes she is wearing, the car seat and my actual car. There are already enough questionable stains in there.
  2.  Easily converts into a drink bottle. I also use it for hot chocolates on-the-go.
  3.  The bottle can be frozen in summer for a cold treat. Imagine being able to take it out- frozen- and save it for after a play at the park. I’m trying to be a member of the money saving club at the moment- so being able to take a ‘smoothie iceblock’ out with us will be such a good money saving parent hack.
  4. As always, Haakaa products are safe for wee people- BPA, PVC and phthalate-free. I love that the products are quality tested, trusted and eco friendly. I also really like that Haakaa products dont have any hidden nooks and crannys and can be completely taken apart- so there are not hidden spots for bacteria or mould to form.
  5. The silicone squeeze bottle is also really price-friendly. At only $22.50 I think it’s really affordable. Also, I have a discount code ‘Zahara10’ that gives you 10% store wide– bringing the price down to an even more reasonable $20.25.


Check the Silicone Squeeze Bottle out on their website here.

I totally recommend this product. It has already been such a game changer. How have you found yours?

*no outfits were harmed in the making of this review.

A&Z x



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